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Carolina Reaper Pepper

Carolina Reaper Pepper

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The Carolina Reaper is a chili pepper that is currently considered the world's hottest pepper. It was developed by South Carolina farmer Ed Currie in 2013, and is a crossbreed between a ghost pepper and a red habanero.

The Carolina Reaper has a distinctive shape with a wrinkled, bumpy exterior, and a pointed tail. The pepper is usually red, but can also be orange or yellow. The heat level of the Carolina Reaper is extremely high, with a rating of up to 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units, which is more than twice as hot as the ghost pepper.

The heat of the Carolina Reaper is described as intense and long-lasting, with a slow burn that builds over time. It can cause a variety of physical reactions, including sweating, tears, and even vomiting in some people. Because of its extreme heat, it is used sparingly in cooking, and is often used in hot sauce, chili, and spicy snack products.

Like the ghost pepper, the Carolina Reaper should be handled with caution due to its extreme heat, and it is recommended to wear gloves and avoid touching one's eyes or face after handling.

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